Long hours of sitting, unhealthy diet and lifestyle combined with stress has led to increase in many lifestyle diseases one of which is #Ano-rectal conditions which mainly include #piles and #fistula.  Pain and discomfort causing embarrassment at work place and home, these conditions should not be taken for granted and let untreated.  Modern medicine other then some local medicines in the starting stages has only invasive surgeries to cure these conditions.

The holistic science of #Ayurveda adopts a completely different treatment process.  Along with identifying the root cause of the condition, Acharya Sushruta-the father of surgery gives us the most effective, non-invasive therapy known as #ksarasutra chikitsa.  #Ksarasutra is a medicated alkaline thread which was successfully used by Acharya Sushruta in ano-rectal disorders like #fistula, #Hemorrhoids and sinuses.  Other acharyas like Charaka, Vagbhata also mention the usefulness of #ksarasutra in various #ano-rectal conditions.

The use of #ksarasutra helps to eliminate the painful pre and post operative complications in the treatment of #ano-rectal conditions.  This #non-invasive, non-surgical procedure helps both in slow and gradual cutting of the tissue along with healing of the wound itself.

It is more of a chemical fistulectomy rather than just physical fistulectomy.  The most amazing benefit of #ksarasutra chikitsa is that it not only constitutes an medicine formulation but also an amazing non-invasive way of delivering the medicine to the most inner part of the wound/#fistula so that it can heal from the inside.  This is proven to be the most effective way of medicine delivery system to the upper most part with practically no side effects.

Administered and conducted by an expert Ayurvedic physician, #ksarasutra has a miraculous effect in healing the various painful #ano-rectal conditions like #piles, #fistula & #fissure.

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