We have a very effective and comprehensive approach towards the treatment of this disease. After examining the dominant nature of the patient’s body (Kapha, Pitta or Vata) our doctors advise a suitable path for balancing the mental functions with the use of certain ayurvedic herbs, lifestyle recommendations, meditation, dietary rules, and medicated massage therapies.

Main causes of acute stress are:
• Poor lifestyle
• Work pressures
• Financial pressures
• Lack of emotional support system
• Performance pressures or anxiety

Our Ayurvedic Stress Management programs are aimed at increasing the body’s Ojas level by therapies focussed on balancing hormones and improving mental potency.

Vedica Stress Management package is a best remedy by creating a re-born effect in the cellular level of human body and their by creating enthusiasm for a healthier, wealthier and happier tomorrow. It rejuvenates your Mind, Body & Soul Completely from your hectic Work Schedule. In this package we mainly concentrate in refreshing nervous system, bones muscular system and mind, thereby creating a complete relaxation for mind and soul.

The Package Contents following Treatments:-
• Shiro Abhyangam
• Sarvanga Abhyangam
• Padabhyangam
• Bhashpa sweda
• Shirodhara

This above mentioned package contains 7 Sessions of therapies, duration 2 hours.
For above Package Details Please Contact the Clinic.

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